Know How – Indian Child Passport Process

Dear All,

Sharing the Passport Process experience of my 2 Yr Old Child in Trichy


If you Meet the below Criteria,this  process will be helpful.Else  Check Passport Seva Portal.

Both Father and Mother  Should Hold a Valid Passport and Police verification should be Completed for Both Father/Mother Passport.

Spouse Entry Should be present in Mother Or Father Passport

Child Birth Certificate Should be Available

You Need to Select and Apply Passport Location based on Address Present in Mother or Father Passport .

Carry 3 Passport Size Child Photos

Submit the Passport Application  Form Online

( While Filling the Form,Consider the below

Do Not Enter Sur Name of Father and Mother Field .Just Enter the Given Name in Father/Mother Name Field as per the Father/Mother Passport. Qualification – Entered as 5th Pass as there is no Not Applicable Value)

Print the Passport Application Form .(Child Thumb Impression on the First Page .Father or Mother Signature on the Last Page )

Make an Appointment Online After Submitting the Passport Application Form.Print the Appointment Receipt.

Annexure H to be filled by Parents and Should be Signed by Both Father/Mother.

Originals to Carry:

Father and Mother Old/New Passport

Child Birth Certificate

Passport Application Form

Appointment Receipt

Annexure H

Photo Copies to Carry:

Father/Mother Old/New Passport First 2 and Last 2 Pages .Both Father and Mother Should Sign all the Pages in the Bottom (2 Copies )

Child Birth Certificate .Both Father and Mother Should Sign all the Pages in the Bottom (2 Copies ).

Passport Office Process:

After Submitting the Passport Application Form, Its not Mandatory to Visit on the Appointment Date.You Can visit before or After Appointment Date as there is no restriction for Child .

You Can Walkin at any time and inform the Security that you are applying for Passport for Child.Preference will be given.

Both Father/Mother/Child Should go to Passport Office.

Once you Entered Passport Office ,Your Documents will be Verified and Token/Counter No will be Provided to you

Person in the Counter will Call you and You Need to Provide your Documents for Scanning and Uploading .You will be asked to Pay the Cash upfront.Cash Receipt will be Provided to you.Photo/Child Thumb Impression Will be Taken  in the Counter.

You Token No will be Called  to Meet GVO (Govt Verification Officer).He will Check Parent Passport to see whether Police Verification is done or not in order to Grant Passport for Child.Once GVO is satisfied with the Documents , You Token No will be Called to Meet VO (Verification Officer).He will again verify the Passport/Birth Certificates and Grant it Finally.He will Inform us to Collect the Acknowledgement Receipt from the Exit.

In the Acknowledgement Receipt,it will contain the Status as Granted.

I applied Passport on Monday and Received the Passport Via Speed Post on Friday.

I dont know whether this process is followed across all passport locations in India.